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12th September 2011

Link reblogged from with 355 notes is Asking You to Tell PayPal to Stop Facilitating the Funding of Hate →



Did you know that PayPal is making it easy for some of the world’s most violent anti-LGBT hate groups to raise money online to fund their hateful agendas?

One of the groups using PayPal, Abiding Truth Ministries, frequently sends their leader Scott Lively on trips to build a standing army of extremists dedicated to discriminating against LGBT people.  After one of these trips, Lively bragged that he delivered a “nuclear bomb against the gay agenda in Uganda.”  Just days later, his Ugandan hosts introduced the horrifying “Kill the Gays” bill.

PayPal already has a policy that prohibits use of its service “for activities that […] promote hate, violence, racial intolerance” - but groups like Abiding Truth Ministries - and 10 others we’ve found - are falling through the cracks.

If enough of us speak up, PayPal will shut down their accounts before these groups raise even one more dollar. 


It only takes a moment to sign, guys!

i wasn’t going to reblog, but these guys are seriously close to meeting their goal. please take a moment to sign. :)

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5th September 2011

Post reblogged from バクラ

Some blathering bigot on the NaNoWriMo forums just claimed that he gets “more crap for being Christian than gay people get for being gay”. Meanwhile:


Gay teens have been banned from public school proms have go out of their way to prevent Gay-Straight Alliances from even forming.
You get your religious holy days excused in public schools, even if there’s class in session.

7% of people would not support a Catholic president. No data on Protestant, but all of our nation’s presidents have been Protestant but one.
Meanwhile, 32% would not support a gay president just because of their sexuality.

36% of the world has laws against homosexual acts, many including execution or life in prison.
There are only 14 countries where there are laws against being a religion not of the state, and it is not exclusive or specifically targeting Christianity.

of hate crimes were solely against people for their sexual orientation.
Out of the 18.9% targeted for their religious beliefs, 71.9% were for Jewish people. If we assume that the remaining 28.1% were all bashed due to being Christian, that leaves them to be 344 out of 8336 or about 0.4%.

GLBTQIA youth are at a higher risk for suicide, bullying, and depression. There is no epidemic of Christian teen suicides.
21 of the states in the US have discrimination laws against LGB people, and even less against T. I don’t even need to link you to the friggin’ First Amendment, do I?

Half of people approve of same-sex unions.
Most people in America are Christian.

I get stares every day for holding my boyfriend’s hand.
No one bats an eye if you wear a cross.

I live in fear knowing that I will be looked upon as a shame by my parents if I ever got outed.
You go through your religious practice with no apprehension.

As a transgendered person, I go to the bathroom in fear.
I bet it’s nice being able to use a urinal in the men’s room, isn’t it?

I have to live in pain each day, binding my chest down and lowering my voice.
There is no physical pain involved in praying.

People don’t take me seriously as a man, or as a pansexual/bisexual/queer. They tell me it’s a “phase”, or that I’m “confused”.
If you tell someone you’re Christian, no doubts it.


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